HUNGERR FIGHTERS currently has 3 exquisite trucks 


Welcome to Hungerr Fighters a multi cuisine mobile food truck! We started as a food truck in Mumbai, India area and we are on the move. Quality at affordable prices is our motto.HUNGERR FIGHTERS, started operating from October 2019, as Mumbai's largest and finest food truck which offers traditional Indian food fused with an international know how to deliver food at its finest.

Why We Do What We Do

 Here at HUNGERR FIGHTERS, we don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to your food and service. In doing so, we’re able to offer our customers high-quality food on-the-go at reasonable prices. If you’re feeling tired-out from all of the options, the choice is simple. Choose the best Food Truck in town. Follow us and find out where we’re parked next!

Our Vision:

To become an international food truck known for its signature dishes.

Our Mission:

To serve brilliant quality meals at affordable prices with a world class experince that is ever lasting and to become the spot that foodies like to visit on a daily basis.


Our Values:

 To serve brilliant gourmet food on our trucks at affordable prices.